Beyond 'One: The Event'



The VISION |  of One Becoming One begins with connecting and supporting the individuals, groups, communities, and organizations that are embodying a world whose foundational principles are love, collaboration, sustainability, resiliency and social healing.  We see those principles in action and spreading through all sectors of business, society, and civic engagement. One Becoming One recognizes that the world is in a pivotal moment and that old systems are crumbling, while the new ones have not fully manifested. One Becoming One is a structural and technological midwife to the new systems, paradigms, and ways of being. We understand that birthing whole systems takes courage, compassion, precision, and love in action.



The MISSION | One Becoming One is committed to combining our resources, wisdom, skills and knowledge base to implement with acuity the most significant system of sharing and response ever seen on our planet.



The INSPIRATION | One Becoming One was founded in 2011 by Seattle Firefighter Erik Lawyer who recognized that current synchronized response systems as seen in the Emergency Services and even those in place in the Military can be used for high-precision global mobilization, connection, and response for the purpose of healing, love, and open source collaboration. The same structures that have powered up some of our most effective systems-for better or worse-can now be overlaid for global transformation. Lawyer acts as a bridge-builder in that he represents a pillar of society that exemplifies some of the most highly trained and willing to act. His inside view and understanding plus his ability to connect with a much wider circle to communicate love, compassion, and viable actions for change puts him right where we need him to be: as a spokesperson for One Becoming One and its ongoing efforts.



IMPACT | tapping the power of love to foster collective action. Guided by the vision of a global “LightSTAR” (Synchronized Teams’ Alert and Response) System that instantly mobilizes information and circuitry necessary for collaborative action and response in real-time, One Becoming One is dedicated to employing an energy exchange platform providing individuals and organizations with resources, solutions, best practices and deep networks that powerfully augment a bridge to new systemic practices based in collaboration and mutual support.


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